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Finding a lawyer who can efficiently help with your particular legal problem can be difficult.  The MSBA makes the selection process easier by helping you connect with the lawyer you’re looking for. 

If you are seeking free civil legal services or qualify for low-income help, visit Access to Civil Legal Services

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Through testing, peer review from lawyers and judges, and documenting experience, the MSBA Legal Specialist Certification Program measures a lawyer's expertise in the specialty area.


Search for a lawyer by type of case, location, language spoken, or keyword. The site is free for the public to use.

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Use this website to find an Alternative Dispute Resolution service provider. All panelists appearing on this site are members of the Minnesota State Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resoultion Section.

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1. You may enter just the beginning pieces of what you're looking for, instead of the full text. (ie., "Johns" for "Johnson", as it will return both "Johnson" and "Johnsen").
2. However, you must enter at least three characters in whatever field you want searched.
3. The fewer fields you can use to narrow down your search, the better. Searches work better with "just enough" information than with more.
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